lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Videopost from Cuba, Probbably my last using blogspot

Hace un tiempo he estado realmente muy ocupado con los estudios y
trabajo, porque hay que comer, pero bueno, mi blog no lo dejo fuera
del aire, y ahora lo actualizo con un video que le dedico a una
persona de lo más peculiar. La conocí en Twitter en una de mis
búsquedas por el conocimiento acerca de Redes Sociales y otros medios.

Resultó que encontré un señor que publica información súper valiosa,
al menos para mi lo es , de cómo hacer exitoso un blog, y cómo dar un
mejor uso de las Redes Sociales.

A un amigo de Australia, y a la comunidad SocialMedia le quiero
dedicar este video -En inglés- como muestra de mi agradecimiento por
haber escrito un texto que disfruté tanto como él disfrutó

To SocialMedia community and specially to:

From a newbe blogger and a future better Community Manager.
Here is the video, more below there are the spech in english.

Im not very good coordinating the Ideas in English in the front of the
camera "its funny tho, because my part job have to do with that - am n
actor, mostly for the radio -.

Okay here is my video blog for the Social Media community.

in the first place, i ´d like to thankyu for writting the Ebook, 8 Key
steps to mastery blog.

in my opinion, your ebook not only teach how to turn a blog successful.

I think it also provide some basic tools to reach more users in the
social networks, specially :

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Sladeshare and Google+

I though i was alone in this trip,

im so happy that I was so, so wrong,

having in mind my slow, expensive(very) and difficult access to
Internet from Cuba

I made some very important contact,

they provide me some basic tools that probably may allow people like
me to became a better Community Manager, from now on.

I hear from a friend that Community Manager is the person who share
correctly information in the Social Networks

Please Correct me if I am Wrong

If not

My fist experience doing that as a job, was in the XXIII International
Book Fair in Havana.

Yup, that was amazing all Thanks to knowledge I found in the web that
allow me to face that responsibility.

Now I think I can do better because Im following the SocialMedia Community...

I think I can do better job now dealing with SocialNetworks.

Okay Getting back to You Jeff.

Thanks for writing 8 Key steps for blog Mastering, I hope you can see
this video, I ll upload to youtube (if I get the fast Internet to do
in a short time, if you are watching this, them I made it !Urray¡) ,
post it to my blog, and automatically will be shared to all my
contacts in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google +

Until the next video blog.

Probbably this would be my last post using Blogspot, its too díficult...

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